Each of our rugs are handmade in India by skilled local artisans using ancient techniques, with many rugs taking weeks, or even months to make. Come to our brand store and learn about the meticulous weaving and knotting processes and how they are used to determine the rug’s appearance, texture and durability.

Visit Linie Design brand store to pick a handmade rug

Designed to last

Choose Carefully

Our specialist consultants are ready to provide help and advice when choosing a rug for a specific room. Together you can consider your needs, budget, style and room size, as you look, feel and experience the different materials and qualities to make an informed decision. Your Linie Design rug will stay with you for many years, so it’s important to choose the right one.

Step into a world

of natural materials

In our store, you can experience the aesthetic and tactile qualities of our hand-crafted rugs for yourself. Mainly produced using natural materials like wool, linen, silk and cotton, we invite you to touch and feel the different materials, and discover how yarn types and pile height affect each rug’s unique expression and texture.