Although tradition and heritage pervade our handmade rugs, innovation has always been a major driving force behind our designs. Since it was established in 1980, Linie Design has been a pioneer in the rug production industry, devoted to discovering new forms of expression and pushing creative boundaries.
Innovative collaborations
Historically, Linie Design has always collaborated with a wide range of talented weavers and designers, all contributing to the varying perspectives that expand the aesthetic and artistic confines. Indeed, it was at an exhibition in 1979 in Copenhagen called ‘Genuine Danish Rugs’, where forward-thinking weavers Vibeke Klint and Randi Studsgarth met Linie Design co-founder, Hugo Anthon. Their new ideas about handmaking rugs with a contemporary Nordic expression were innovative concepts that greatly appealed to him. Together with Keld Agerskov, Hugo Anthon then went onto establish Linie Design, where they started a long-term collaboration with the two weavers, and subsequently many others.
Innovative designers
Today Linie Design uses both in-house and freelance designers to continue the dynamic process of designing timeless works of art for the floor, collaborating with a number of Scandinavian design profiles such as Kim Naver, Gitte-Annette Knudsen, Hanne Kortegaard and Bodil Jerichau, who are all recognised for their many years of work. Fronted by acclaimed Head of Design Urd Moll Gundermann, Linie Design develops hundreds of rug designs every year that are sold worldwide.
Innovative future
Innovating with consideration for our customers and the environment is also something we take seriously at Linie Design. Global initiatives and associations such as SA8000, Care & Fair and REACH enable us to source responsibly, monitor carefully and produce accountably.