Linie Design was founded in 1980 by Keld Agerskov and Hugo Anthon, with the ambition of creating handmade rugs that would merge Danish design and innovation with traditional Indian craftsmanship. Jesper Christiansen and Kenneth Nielsen joined in 1999, and they own the company today, continuing to run Linie Design based on the core values it was established with -  with decency, innovation and craftsmanship still pervading every aspect of the business.
The Origins
The story started back in 1979 when rug businessman Hugo Anthon was greatly inspired by a Copenhagen rug exhibition held by weavers Vibeke Klint and Randi Studsgarth. The new generation of weavers wanted to express their ideas that handcrafted rugs did not necessarily have to be synonymous with oriental aesthetics, but could reflect contemporary Danish design too. This concept appealed to Hugo’s business vision, and Linie Design was subsequently created, along with an enduring collaboration with Vibeke Klint, Kim Naver and Trine Ellitsgaard.

From the outset the mission was clear; to create handwoven rugs that remained true to the Nordic design traditions of uncompromising quality and uncluttered aesthetics, and this still remains the case today.
Heritage values
Today, Linie Design continues its collaboration with a number of Danish textile designers, led by Head of Design Urd Moll Gundermann. Our rug collections reflect the unique creative styles of each individual designer, reproduced by hand by skilled artisans in India. Whilst keeping traditional heritage values in high esteem and exceptional quality consistently high, the design team use innovative technology and new techniques to create new dimensions and push boundaries in design.

Over the years, as our focus has shifted towards a more international market, Linie Design rugs are now being sold in more than 70 countries worldwide – making us the leading developer of handmade rugs in Northern Europe.

We also have a greater focus on taking care of the environment, with certifications and memberships that help ensure all processes, from design to production and sales, are conducted with integrity and accountability. We are committed to supporting local communities, ensuring safe and efficient working practices, while consciously attempting to minimise our environmental impact. All our products are developed and produced in compliance with relevant international and national regulatory requirements.