We take our responsibilities seriously and our code of conduct reflects this, which is why striving to keep ourselves accountable to all our partners, employees and customers is a top priority for us.
Our code of conduct has been compiled to provide Linie Design’s suppliers with a clear guiding of set of principles that uphold our values and ethics and help shape our way of doing business. Below are some of the fundamental principles found in our company Code of Conduct.
Child labour
We have strict rules regarding any kind of underage labour. The exploitation of underage labour in any form is intolerable, as it prevents children from getting an education, and is harmful to their physical, mental and social development. Children below the age of 15 may not be involved in any of the production processes at Linie Design, with young people between 15 and 18 being employed under special conditions that restrict the working hours and type of tasks.
Actually, most of the weavers handcrafting Linie Design rugs are more mature in age, with many years of skill and experience behind them. And we have certifications and memberships with external associations, such as BSCI and SA8000 who have a comprehensive quality control management system in place to ensure all our suppliers and sub suppliers meet these strict child labour requirements too.
Disciplinary practices
Linie Design strives to safeguard the mental and physical well-being of its employees by refraining from doing business with suppliers using any kind of detrimental disciplinary methods. All our employees should be treated with respect and dignity, with a zero-tolerance policy towards corporal punishment, verbal or physical harassment and other forms of abuse or humiliation.
Linie Design promotes respect for all employees and supports equal work opportunities to give all individuals a fair chance. We expect our suppliers to avoid discrimination on the grounds of gender, religion, race, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, political status or other distinguishing characteristics. Work should be allocated to individuals based on their merit, availability and working capabilities.
Respect for cultural values
Linie Design highly respects the different heritages and cultural values of each country we conduct business in. We seek to improve the economic development of the local communities, while taking their traditions and culture into consideration. We strive to conduct business in a culturally appropriate and sensitive way, whilst ensuring the imposition of any western cultural values is not detrimental to the local society.
Safe and healthy work environment Workers’ health and safety is a top priority for Linie Design. Therefore, we demand that all suppliers must provide their employees with a healthy working environment and appropriate sanitary facilities, with access to drinking water. The working environment must offer protection from fire, accidents and toxic substances, with adequate health and safety procedures being established and followed.
Suppliers must establish and maintain emergency procedures to effectively prevent and address all health emergencies and industrial accidents affecting the surrounding community. This includes the implementation of a system that can detect, avoid and respond to potential threats to the health and safety of employees. If staff dormitories and canteens are provided, suppliers must ensure they are healthy, safe and comply with the local regulations.