Timeless beauty 
Times change and trends come and go, but one thing that remains the same at Linie Design is the consistent focus on handcrafting quality rugs. Since it was established in 1980, Linie Design has been committed to exclusively producing handmade rugs with timeless Scandinavian designs that add atmosphere and personality to their surroundings.

Inimitable style
No machine can replicate the skilled hands of Indian master weavers, who using traditional methods passed down through generations to create stunning works of art for the floor. Each weaver has their own individual style, which they have built up over many years of experience. In this way, each rug expresses elements of culture, history and experience, as the weaver’s story is woven into one-of-a-kind pieces of art for the floor.

Worth the wait
Depending on the technique and size of the rug, an artisan can spend weeks or months to finish a rug. All handcrafted rugs involve skilled and meticulous processes, but hand-knotted rugs are by far the most intricate and labour intensive. An experienced weaver can tie an average of 8,000-10,000 knots per day, with bigger rugs requiring up to several weavers working together on one rug at the same time. This ancient and time-honoured technique is extremely time-consuming, demanding great expertise and precision that takes years of practise.

The finishing touch
And once the rugs are taken off the loom, the work is far from over. All the rugs need to be thoroughly checked before they are finished, with some rug types requiring more attention than others. For example, pile rugs have to be sheared by hand, which is a lengthy and difficult process where the rugs are precisely trimmed to produce the desired three-dimensional effect. Each tiny loop or cut is meticulously considered to create the rug’s unique expression – with high-low pile contrasts, defined textures and smooth finishes creating a wealth of tactile and visual patterns that invite touch and arouse fascination.

Natural qualities
Predominantly made from natural materials like wool, linen and cotton, Linie Design’s rugs don’t just add aesthetic value to their surroundings, they also offer excellent warmth and comfort. We source premium materials with consideration for the environment – continually striving to replace regular cotton with organic cotton where possible. This superior material quality combined with the expert handcrafted technique assures customers natural underfoot warmth and softness.

A lifetime of beauty
A handmade rug is an investment for life. Not only due to its timeless expression, which transcends fleeting fads, but also thanks to the meticulous handcraft processes it has passed through from start to finish. With proper care, a handmade rug can last many years, often becoming more beautiful and valuable over time.

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