Our planet is facing a global climate crisis with far-reaching repercussions on the environment. Companies have a collective responsibility to minimise their impact on society and its surroundings, which is why Linie Design is constantly striving to reduce its environmental footprint.
Read on below to see which strategies we employ and the initiatives we have introduced as part of our commitment to conducting a more responsible way of doing business.

Responsible materials
Linie Design predominantly uses natural textiles in handcrafted rugs. We want to make sure that natural materials like wool and cotton are grown, harvested, produced and sourced in a socially responsible way.
We are continually striving to increase the amount of organic cotton, replacing regular cotton in our rugs wherever possible.
Solar panels
Another way Linie Design minimises its carbon footprint is the use of solar panels. Solar panels have a number of environmental benefits – they reduce greenhouse gas emissions, are a renewable form of energy and they last a long time. This is why we have now added solar panels to the Linie Design school and several of our factories – saving both energy and costs.
Recycled plastic packaging
Plastic poses a massive threat to the environment – not just to many wildlife species, but to human beings and the climate. Single-use plastic represents a particular challenge – seen as a convenient material in a busy everyday world, it is often used for few minutes before being discarded, where it takes hundreds of years to decompose.
As part of Linie Design’s efforts to reduce plastic pollution, we are working to minimise our use of unnecessary plastic and we use recycled materials as much as possible in all our packaging.