Hanne kortegaard

Hanne Kortegaard is a Danish furniture and decor designer. She graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, before working for several leading Danish and Swedish furniture manufacturers alongside running her own design company. She has been working at Linie Design since 2012 as Designer and Product Developer, before being given the additional title of Chief Retail and Interior Designer.

About Inspiration

The first step to creating a beautiful new design can begin with the smallest of objects or the faintest of shadows.
Hanne seeks inspiration in buildings, shapes and compositions – anything where form and design complement each other. But inspiration can never stand alone – the design has to make sense. Hanne’s eternal challenge is to solve the puzzle where pattern, material and form are combined and contrasted, resulting in
aesthetic yet functional products with a timeless quality.

Mattia rug offers understated elegance to any interior space


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4.875,00 DKK

Timeless Expression

Flavia's secret to enduring style is its Scandinavian simplicity, using a clean white colour in a chunky yarn woven in uneven rows to create a unique rustic ambience and one-of-a-kind expression. Made from pure New Zealand wool, known for its natural warmth and hard-wearing properties, Flavia adds cosiness and atmosphere to any room in the home

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Creating is a

Joyful journey

For Hanne Kortegaard, the design process is an intensely pleasurable journey, one that stimulates her innate sense of creativity. She often finds that the design process itself can give life to new ideas – and that is exactly what motivates Hanne Kortegaard as a designer; the evolution process that arises when one idea pushes another into a new sphere. The final outcome is never coincidental, every aspect of Hanne’s design is considered with meticulous precision. Each stroke, pattern and colour composition are fully examined and explored to meaningfully reflect Hanne’s Nordic minimalist and contemporary expression.

Circulus, an exclusive loom-knotted rug


Handmade rugs


8.925,00 DKK

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