Kim Naver

Kim Naver’s involvement with Linie Design started even before it was established as a company. It started in 1967, after one of her final exam designs was selected by Cotil/C. Olesen, a company working with leading designers. Kim continued designing textiles and rugs for them until the company was taken over and renamed Linie Design. Since then, Kim Naver’s acclaimed designs have been a permanent part of Linie Design’s portfolio.

A leading Danish textile designer, Kim Naver boasts a long list of accomplishments, including the Lunning Prize in 1970, the Bindesboll Award in 1982, and being appointed Knight of the Dannebrog in 2000. Among her most prestigious projects count Denmark’s National Bank in 1978-89 and A.P Møller’s headquarters in 1980. Kim has also served on numerous boards and created designs for Royal Copenhagen and Georg Jensen.

Elegant and versatile hand-woven


Wide tonal stripes are broken up by thin white lines, creating a balanced fusion of colour and symmetry in Linca's effortless simplicity. Made in pure wool, known for its warmth and durability, Linca's timeless elegance will complement any interior.

Hand-woven in pure new zealand wool

linca rug



4.775,00 DKK

Kim Naver About


Kim describes how her frequent trips to Italy as a child had a profound effect on her aesthetic sensibility. Fascinated by the exotic art and architecture she was introduced to at an early age, she was enraptured by the rigour and purity of the friezes in Pompei and Herculaneum, Byzantine mosaics and ancient Italian paintings. Still inspired by her many
travels today, her beautiful home is full of rich colour and unique objects found in India.

A fine balance of symmetry and contrasts

Kent Rug



4.000,00 DKK

Lets Play Chess

As its name suggests, Chess comprises squares of contrasting vertical and horizontal stripes, creating a symmetrical chequerboard pattern that is both harmonious and visually appealing. Made from a blend of wool and flax, which has an enduring quality and gives the yarn a natural, rustic expression.

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