Marie-Louise Rosholm

Known for its collaborations with acclaimed Danish textile designers, Linie Design’s partnership with Marie-Louise Rosholm since 1986 represents everything Linie
Design seeks in a design cooperation. Marie-Louise’s understanding of weaving techniques and ability to combine unexpected elements, along with her goal to develop enduring products with a sustainable mindset, echo
Linie Design’s core values and create a mutually rewarding partnership.

Marie-Louise Rosholm is a textile designer and trend researcher with her own Copenhagen-based studio. Studio MLR helps interior and fashion textile companies worldwide with sustainable solutions based on circular and long-lasting design. Among her most notable achievements are the foundation of the Danish Color Board in 2016, President to Intercolor, and The Danish Design Council’s Honorary Award for her contribution to Danish design in 2021.

a long lasting idea


Named after the beautiful town on the Italian coast, Rapallo was the first rug where Marie-Louise Rosholm designed both the pattern and the quality for Linie Design. Originally created in 1992, the hand-woven rug was built on contrasting material textures in a classic Nordic weave that has retained its lasting appeal. To celebrate the 30-year anniversary of this timeless rug, Rapallo was relaunched in 2022 in two new colour combinations.

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