Mystical forms, mythical creatures, unknown species, Navigating the sensuous journey to the ocean depths.

The underwater dreamscape weaves an organic tapestry, Plunging you into a labyrinth of submerged stimuli.

Soft, iridescent nuances bringing silvery highlights to the raw expression, with lush, tactile contrasts inviting exploration and immersion.

Nature’s magical secret sea dwellers still and silent.

Their buried beauty brought to life in imagined visions, Offering a tranquil oasis in the world above.

The design process of


Drawn to the mysterious underwater world
and the incredible diversity of life dwelling deep in the ocean, Urd Moll Gundermann’s latest collection, Watertopia, imaginatively translates her creative ideas into vibrant colours, structures and patterns on hand-knotted works of art. Propelled by the ambition to take rug artistry to new depths, Urd brings her underwater narrative to life in dreamy organic shapes, delicate tones and considered contrasts that challenge traditional rug craftsmanship and pique curiosity. 

An underwater dreamscape of handmade rugs

Combining ancient rug craftsmanship with inspiration taken from the mysteries of the underwater world, the Watertopia collection takes you on a journey to discover new depths of rug artistry. Head of Design, Urd Moll Gundermann’s imaginative sketches are intricately hand-knotted in natural yarns, using a myriad of tactile and tonal contrasts to bring vibrant organic shapes to life in a stunning collection of unique rugs.

Step into a world of

6 million knots by hand

The journey for creating each Watertopia rug is very involved, with numerous intricate processes taking it through dozens of hands. The creative process starts with Urd Moll Gundermann, who draws the underwater-inspired rug designs by hand, before they are mapped into a format that can be reproduced by the craftsmen. After the wool, silk and organic cotton is dyed and made into yarn, it is hand-knotted by skilled artisans in India, who tie thousands of individual knots to recreate the complex designs, with a total of over six million knots being used for the entire Watertopia collection. The rug pile is then meticulously cut and embossed by hand, creating varying lines, structures and nuances with precise cutting techniques that enhance the yarn and bring beautiful patterns and dimension to the surface.