Gitte-Annette Knudsen

Gitte-Annette Knudsen first started designing rugs for Linie Design in 2001 and still enjoys a successful collaboration with us today. In her hand-woven rug designs for Linie Design, Gitte-Annette combines minimal use of colour with carefully selected materials and structures to create extra depth and visual interest. Balancing rustic appeal and understated elegance, her rugs bring a natural harmony and
timeless quality to their surroundings.

Gitte-Annette Knudsen studied at the Design School of Denmark from 1981-86, with a year at Rietweld Academy Amsterdam in 1985, and later graduated in Psychology in 2015 from Copenhagen University. In 1986, Gitte-Annette opened her own workshop, where she today works as a consultant on different projects for numerous companies. Her book on iconic Danish weaver Vibeke Klint is widely acclaimed, as are her numerous exhibitions and collaborations worldwide.

Comfort, softness & warmth


Handmade rugs


8.925,00 DKK

Photography as


For Gitte-Annette, photography has always served as her primary source for providing ideas and making sketches for her creative textile projects. Her drawings and rugs always originate from photos that she has found from her extensive photo archive. Her favourite material is self-dyed sisal, but otherwise she loves the challenge of exploring different materials to find the one that is best suited to her current project.

Sirius Rug

a masterpiece of subtlety

Composed of a unique blend of neutral tones, Sirius is a masterpiece of subtlety, bringing together innumerable nuances to create a cohesive and harmonious rug. Crafted in pure New Zealand wool, known for its superior qualities of warmth, durability and colour depth, Sirius has a natural rustic appeal and understated elegance that will elevate any floor space.

Handmade rugs


6.750,00 DKK

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