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Urd Moll Gundermann

As Head of Design, Urd Moll Gundermann feels privileged to have the opportunity to create beautiful designs every day. In her role as designer, rugs serve as her creative canvas, working with form, structure and colour until a balanced and functional solution emerges. In addition to designing new collections and exhibition pieces, Urd is also involved in other visual aspects, including creative input to photo shoots, website layout and catalogue.

Urd Moll Gundermann has a master’s degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, specialising in clothing and textiles. Urd has worked with Danish and foreign companies within fashion, print, textile and industrial design. Her acclaimed designs and illustrations have been exhibited all over the world. She has been working at Linie Design since 2012, where she became Head of Design in 2019.

one of it's kind

woven art

Designing one-off rugs for exhibitions is a task Urd loves, where she can push boundaries and have complete artistic freedom. Sometimes starting with a freehand sketch, she allows the lines to take on a life of their own, before developing a more conceptual, concrete form. The next step is defining each rug’s characteristics – considering the design in terms of material, structure and pattern to create a unique work of art.

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apertus collection

the natural way

Apertus’ considered use of colour and materials enabled Urd to work with natural nuances that came to life in the yarn. By exploring new structures and compositions, subtle patterns and colour contrasts emerged – a process that Urd found very satisfying. Another rewarding element was the focus on sustainably produced materials – opting for organic warp and RWS wool where possible to help push the industry towards more responsible production.

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Urd about


Growing up in a creative home, where she was aware of aesthetics at an early age, Urd’s childhood awoke in her a curiosity to explore patterns, colour and form. Today,
her senses are still on an eternal quest to discover new impressions, universes and trends. Always open to finding beauty and details in her surroundings, Urd cites her inspiration sources as including architecture, fashion, art, text, nature, light and old objects at flea markets.

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